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What makes Cayman Luxury Relocations Different? - Cayman Luxury Relocations
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What makes Cayman Luxury Relocations Different?

Cayman Luxury Relocations Move to The Cayman Islands
“Cayman Luxury Relocations provides highly-customized, professional relocation services to make our clients’ move to the Islands smoother, more organized, and just easier.”


Balancing Task Management with Hospitality.

At Cayman Luxury Relocations, we manage and take care of the tasks and transactions of our clients’ relocation as a service company (Learn more about our services) but at the heart of it all we are a hospitality company. Service is transactional while hospitality is the human element of delivering the service. Legendary hospitality industry pioneer Ian Schrager defines hospitality as “taking care of people” and that’s the foundation of what we do. We aim to deliver on both.


The Cayman Luxury Relocations difference.


Focused on Client Well Being

Our brand of hospitality is based on trust and ensuring the well-being of our clients in a way that goes beyond the purely transactional. The generally accepted meaning of being hospitable is friendly, welcoming, genuine, and helpful to others. As a hospitality company this definition is encapsulated in the relocation service we provide to our clients.

Dedicated Service

Relocation is our primary function, not an adjunct of another service we provide. This means that we stay with our clients through the entire lifetime of the relocation process, even after the relocation is physically complete (i.e. our clients are in their new home surrounded by their things) so they are not left to find their way into and around the community by themselves. We provide end-to-end management of the entire process, and move on only when the job is done.

Streamlining with Technology

Our brand of hospitality is about using technology and systems intentionally to ease and streamline our clients relocation to the Cayman Islands saving them time, money, and reducing stress. Each client is assigned a private client portal that outlines the entire relocation plan in an organised and the least stressful order. From their client portal, clients are able to access the tasks and actions that form part of their relocation and track the progress of the relocation.

Single Local Point of Contact

We are a single point of contact, overseeing every aspect of our clients’ relocation.
Our brand of hospitality is about managing clients’ relocation experience by understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs, and then organizing and coordinating the activities of all the stakeholders involved our client’s relocation accordingly.

Consistent Client Communication

We understand the need for consistent client communication, and keep our clients briefed with weekly client planning calls before clients arrive and face-to-face meeting when they arrive.

Highly Customised Relocation Services

We offer custom relocation services designed exactly to meet the needs of the client. This is not a one size fits all service because it can’t be in order to maintain the attention to client that we strive for. We understand that each relocating client has unique needs and the quality of our relocation service cannot be commoditized.

Local and International Networks

Relocation is about collaboration and we actively cultivate our local and international networks to ensure that our clients receive the best-in-class service from their country of departure until they reach their new home in the Cayman Islands. From our membership of organisations like EURA or A Small World and partnerships with the most exceptional service delivery companies globally, we actively cultivate a network for the benefit of our clients.

Hospitality and taking care of our people is at the heart of all that we do at Cayman Luxury Relocations, and we feel privileged to be able to provide a level of service and attention that we are proud of.

Does our philosophy resonate with you?

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about us and work with us.