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Should I Visit Before Moving to The Cayman Islands?
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Should I Visit Before Moving to The Cayman Islands?

5 Reasons to Visit Before You Move to The Cayman Islands
Oct 15 2020

Should I Visit Before Moving to The Cayman Islands?

There are two schools of thought on whether you should visit before taking the plunge and moving to the Cayman Islands. Where you stand may depend on the type of person you are.

On the one hand, you may prefer to do all your research about Cayman online, show up, and figure it out once you arrive. Diving into the deep end with this level of total commitment from the start, there’s less chance of blowing hot and cold about the decision to relocate or even backing out. You do what you need to do to make it work.

Full disclosure; I fell into this category but I was a single person, relocated by my company and so I had constant guidance and assistance on the ground so I felt I could afford to wing it.

On the other hand, you might feel that somethings need to be experienced and felt, not just understood in theory or vicariously. For you, an exploratory visit allows for firsthand understanding of the available options, the opportunity to do the initial set up and the comfort of some familiarity before you move. Whichever category you fall into, out of inclination or circumstances, Cayman Luxury Relocations can work with you to make the move easier. However, these are some reasons an exploratory visit before moving to the Cayman Islands could be an excellent idea.

1. Understand the neighbourhoods and your real estate options in Cayman.

Live like a local for anything from one week to four weeks by staying at a short-term home rental, rather than one of Cayman’s hotels.
We can help you organise property tours and set up viewings of different homes that we shortlist together. You’ll come to understand what you can get for your money and the various amenities you can expect within your budget, whether you decide to buy a home or rent a home. Check out the following articles for an overview of the more popular neighbourhoods in the Cayman Islands; from Seven Mile Beach and Westwards, and from George Town and Eastwards.
Tip: Take a deeper dive into as many neighbourhoods as possible by visiting specific restaurants, cafes, and even grocery stores in different spots around the island.


2. Get a sense of your new lifestyle in Cayman.

Locate and explore the essentials; the grocery store, pharmacies, cinema, and the various entertainment options. Cayman has a high-quality dining scene, which makes this exercise a pleasure. If you’re relocating with kids or pets, explore the specific amenities available for them. Check out the facilities for the hobbies and activities that are most important for you; gyms, stables, clubs, etc. Rent a car and drive around but also experience the taxi services. Check out the weather and the wardrobe culture to get an idea of some of the things you’ll want to bring.


3. Meet the People – Talk to Locals

See the Island through the eyes of the people who live here and hear their stories to get a sense of the greater community. Caymankind is a slogan we’re proud of in Cayman, and this is a golden opportunity to see it operate in person. Strike up conversations and ask questions of the people you meet. Where do they hang out on weekends? How long they’ve lived here? Where did they come from? Any advice on moving to the Cayman Islands?

You’ll find most people are welcoming and friendly because they remember their own experiences of moving to The Cayman Islands when they too were helped by others.
Tip: Start creating a network for yourself before you arrive by seeing if your friends and family on social media have Cayman connections that they might be able to introduce you to through their networks. Arrange to grab a coffee with your new contact during your exploratory visit and get another useful perspective on life in Cayman and maybe a new friend when you relocate.


4. Experience the True Cost of Living

Getting a taste of the expenses of living in Cayman before you move will have you better prepared and able to make any necessary budget adjustments. The one caveat about this is that everything is likely to be more expensive than you’re used to at home. Import duties and shipping costs make consumables in Cayman more costly than many other countries. It takes a little getting used to, but it helps to remember that we pay no direct taxes in Cayman. Check out our tips for budgeting for your relocation to the Cayman Islands.


5. Meet with Potential Service Providers

While on the ground, you can begin discussions with the various third parties involved in your relocation to Cayman. We can help arrange tours of the different schools and set up meetings with banks, law firms, and immigration service providers.

A visit before moving to the Cayman Islands can help provide a little familiarity with the Island’s vibe. It’ll give you a sense of place and maybe even help you start making new connections, all of which can make the relocation process much more comfortable.

We organise highly customized exploratory visit itineraries for our clients based on their needs and circumstances. Contact us to find out more about working with us.

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