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How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood When Moving to the Cayman Islands
How to choose the right neighbourhood when moving to the Cayman Islands.
Moving to the Cayman Islands
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How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood When Moving to the Cayman Islands

How to choose the right neighbourhood when moving to the Cayman Islands
Sep 26 2020

How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood When Moving to the Cayman Islands

Choosing the right neighbourhood in Grand Cayman can be daunting, especially if you’re not already living here or at least familiar with the Island. Moreover, moving to Cayman Islands can be tricky if you are aware about what neighbourhood to live in.

Cayman’s property market is fast-moving and expensive. So, getting the best property for your money while making sure that the neighbourhood you select will suit your lifestyle takes knowledge and experience of the islands. This is where we come in.
We know the ins and outs of every neighbourhood in Cayman. We aim to understand our clients’ needs thoroughly to make specifically targeted recommendations. This further results in optimizing a fine line between their budget and their happiness.

Understanding the Cayman Neighbourhoods


It would be impossible to offer the customized neighbourhood information we provide in a single blog. But we’ve provided a quick snapshot of some of Grand Cayman’s most popular neigbourhoods for you to consider when moving to the Cayman Islands. Read these articles for the easiest way to orient with the various neighbourhoods in Cayman. Using the main landmarks of George Town and Seven Mile Beach, it helps to think of the island in terms of driving direction so George Town and Eastwards, and Seven Mile Beach and Westwards.

Determining Your Budget


Finding a home is likely to be your most significant relocation expense. Knowing how much you have to spend on buying, renting, or even building a property helps narrow down the neighbourhoods considerably. Cayman’s property market is active and moves quickly, but our team can help you understand how to get the biggest bang for your buck when making your property dollars go further.

Got questions about creating a budget? Read our article here on How to Budget for your Relocation to the Cayman Islands.

What’s Your Lifestyle?


Consider here what’s important to you about your current lifestyle and that of family members traveling with you. Would you like to be in a family-friendly neighbourhood? Do you need to be near schools? Is your preference to be somewhere with easy access to entertainment or somewhere quieter? Do you want to minimize your commute to work, or is that not a primary concern for you if you work from home or are retired?

Hobbies and Personality?


What sports do you enjoy? Or are you more drawn to more intellectual or creative pursuits? Do you think you would enjoy owning a boat? Are you a social being taking interest in community-style pursuits, or do you prefer to self-contain yourself?
These are just some of the aspects we consider when working with our clients to help them find the right neighbourhood when moving to the Cayman Islands.

Contact us to explore how we might be able to assist you with relocating to Cayman.

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