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Cayman Islands Permanent Residency - Cayman Luxury Relocations
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Cayman Residency

Looking for a better way to live?

You want a happier life that is safer, healthier, and richer in every way. A life of freedom that offers real options should you choose to continue creating wealth or simply enjoying your wealth. In particular, Cayman citizenship is highly sought after and prized by clients of all nationalities who have got their Cayman Islands permanent residency.

How to Get a Cayman Islands Permanent Residency?

Relocating to the Cayman Islands under the Cayman Residency scheme offers advantageous immigration solutions for high net worth individuals and their families. Also, the Cayman Islands government provides four routes to obtain Cayman Islands Permanent Residency and potentially Cayman Citizenship;

  1. Certificate of Permanent Residence for Persons of Independent Means
  2. Certificate of Direct Investment
  3. Long Term Residency Certificate as a Person of Independent Means
  4. Long Term Residency Certificate by virtue of Substantial Business Presence

The best route for you will depend on your circumstances and your goals for relocating. Therefore, Contact us to find out more.


How We Help

Guidance and Support Through Permanent Residency

We’ll introduce you to the right experts and support you through the application process.

Help With Finding Property

We’ll find the right investment property to meet your residency application requirements and also fit your life style, budget and aspirations. In view of this, There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of Cayman real estate.

Find the right home or investment property in the Cayman Islands. 

Managing Your Relocation

We assist with the practicalities of moving your life to the Cayman Islands from coordinating your arrival to managing the shipping of your possessions.

Help With Setting Up Your Life in the Cayman Islands

We offer a comprehensive range of Settling-In services to help you quickly feel at home. Moreover, our team will put great efforts in providing a legal “Cayman Islands Permanent Residency”.

Click to see our full range of services.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.