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A Guide to Relocating to the Cayman Islands Under Quarantine
A practical guide to ensuring a more comfortable transition if you are relocating to the Cayman Islands under quarantine.
Relocating to the cayman islands
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A Guide to Relocating to the Cayman Islands Under Quarantine

Relocating to the Cayman Islands Under Quarantine
Oct 28 2020

A Guide to Relocating to the Cayman Islands Under Quarantine

Relocating is challenging any way you look at it, and maintaining successful safety precautions in the Cayman Islands against the Corona Virus has added a little more complexity to the process. Currently, everyone must undergo a mandatory period of quarantine upon arrival. The Cayman Islands entry and quarantine requirements are subject to change. So we monitor them daily on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they have the most up to date information. The current quarantine requirements are also playing a large part in our relocation planning for clients relocating to the Cayman Islands under quarantine.

If you’re not yet a client, we strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with the rules in place. Check for any changes regularly before your arrival to ensure that you have the latest information available. This article is a quick read and an excellent source for keeping yourself updated.

Practical advice for relocating to the Cayman Islands under quarantine

Whether you choose to quarantine in a hotel or private accommodation, it’s essential to have a plan in place for how you will spend your quarantine. Here are our suggestions for a stress-free relocation and quarantine.

1. Monitor the changing Cayman Islands quarantine requirements.

As mentioned above, this is one of the most critical tasks on your to-do list as the COVID-19 situation can be unpredictable, and the regulations can change quickly. Stay safe by checking for any changes in quarantine requirements periodically.

2. Prepare for a more extended relocation period than you think.

If you test positive at the end of the initial quarantine period, it’s vital that you have everything you need for a longer quarantine period. Your post quarantine arrangements should also account for this.

3. Check that your accommodation is set up for your needs.

Given that you’ll be in the accommodation for an extended period, it’s worth checking that your chosen home for quarantine is adequately set up for your needs. Your needs may include high-speed Wi-Fi, sufficient space for exercise and exercise equipment, access to fresh linens and laundry, a functional workspace, or access to the outdoors.

4. Organise food delivery options.

Cayman can deliver a variety of options to keep your palate entertained, from grocery deliveries to meal boxes and take-out meals of your favorite cuisines. Check that any special dietary needs can be accommodated. Moreover, Cayman’s supermarkets and grocery stores are on par with many in the UK and USA, with items flown in daily.

5. Ensure that you will be able to get any items you need.

One of the more awkward aspects of quarantining a new country is that you might find yourself needing some extra items to make yourself more comfortable. So, having a way to get things like medications can quarantine life in a new country a lot more tolerable.

6. Taking Care of Your Children’s Well-Being.

If you’re relocating with kids, it’s essential to plan and pack for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The restricted environment can be tough on kids who will need extra stimulation, support, and reassurance. Ensure that you get them to pick some of their favorite toys, books, and games to bring with them. This might also be useful to engage the services of an online tutor during the period.

7. Establish lines of communication

Communication with the outside world is crucial, and while your WIFI connection will (hopefully) allow you to connect to friends, family, and colleagues back home. The ability to make local phone calls without international roaming charges is also important.

8. Keep yourself entertained

Quarantine is a long time to be in one place with limited outlet for all the excitement of relocating to the Cayman Islands. In particular, there are many online classes that you can subscribe to. Also, Netflix and Kindle put thousands of movies and books at your finger-tips, but a great plan would be to set yourself a project for your time in quarantine. For a little more interaction with the outside world and begin connecting with some local folk in Cayman, why not organise interactive private fitness, yoga, or meditation with a personal coach?

9. Get organised for your post quarantine life.

Keep the excitement of relocating alive by starting to get organized for your post quarantine life and use the relative quiet of quarantine to get collected before all the tasks of settling in take over. If you don’t have your post-quarantine accommodation ready, this could be a great time to search for suitable properties. You may even be able to get virtual tours of the properties you like to further narrow the list before seeing them in person. Research local activities or hobbies that you want to try once out of quarantine and contact them.

How We Help Clients Relocating to the Cayman Islands Under Quarantine.

We do all the above and more for our clients to ensure a smooth and worry-free arrival to the island and a comfortable quarantine. We’ll help make sure you have everything you need to settle in before, during, and after quarantine.
Cayman Luxury Relocations offers a special Relocating to the Cayman Islands Under Quarantine. Our package to our clients includes relocation pre-planning and daily support.

Some of the tasks we can undertake for our clients include:
          • Helping to find accommodation during and after the quarantine period with virtual property tours
          • Reviewing and setting up client accommodation prior to arrival (private homes only)
          • Personal shopping and delivery before your arrival for everything from clothing, wines, and art materials to medications
          • Stocking fridge and pantry supplies
          • Organising grocery deliveries.

        If you’re relocating to the Cayman Islands under quarantine, welcome! We’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss how our bespoke concierge service can make your relocation experience a lot more comfortable.

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