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7 Best Sources for Researching Life in the Cayman Islands - Cayman Luxury Relocations
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7 Best Sources for Researching Life in the Cayman Islands

7 Best sources to research life in Cayman
Sep 20 2020

7 Best Sources for Researching Life in the Cayman Islands

It would be impossible to over-emphasize the importance of doing your research, before, during, and after your relocation to the Cayman Islands if you want to maximise your chance of settling into Cayman life successfully and minimising relocation stress. Granted, the information you’ll need at each stage is different. At the start, you may be wondering whether the move is right for you at all. 

During the relocation, it might feel like you have a million questions about what to do, when to it, and how best to do it (and about a million hoops to jump through). When you finally get here, you’ll want to know about making the best life for yourself. One of the questions we get asked the most is, “What’s it like to live in the Cayman Islands?”. These are our suggestions for information sources to explore. We think you’ll get useful information from each of them at every stage in your relocation journey.

Cayman Resident Magazine – Best for everyday advice


The Cayman Resident magazine is likely to be your bible for your first 12 months of living in Cayman. This is probably the most detailed source of information you can get on the nitty-gritty of life in Cayman. It’s also one of the most established sources of information. Every year the editors gather the most up to date information about life in Cayman and present it in the book. It also acts as a mini classifieds directory as local businesses pay to have their listings included in the directory. You can pick up a hard copy magazine when you arrive at the airport or at numerous locations around the island. Although, bear in mind that this website will be more up to date than the magazine which is published once a year. Nonetheless, get yourself a copy!

Cayman Compass Newspaper – Best for current local news


The Compass newspaper is great for giving you context to life in the Cayman Islands. It also keeps you up to date on the current happenings before you arrive and indeed when you get here. It’s the island’s oldest and largest newspaper and covers local news stories and events. It’s an authentic source for beginning to understand the local culture, politics, economics, and how a cross-section of people on the island live day-to-day.


This is Cayman – Best for experiencing Cayman vicariously


A hip and informative guide to everything Cayman. Lots of beautiful videos following presenter and founder Monica Walton as she explores her beloved islands. Incidentally, if you stay in a hotel in Cayman, you’re likely to encounter the guide playing on your hotel room’s TV.


Explore Cayman – Best App


This is published by the same group that publishes the Cayman Resident magazine. It’s more aimed at tourists, and so is full of things that tourists, or indeed new residents of the Cayman Islands may want to do. The best part of this source is providing information on events and happenings in Cayman. In case you find yourself without data service, the app is worth downloading for its offline maps of the Cayman streets.

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce – Best for learning about the business community


The Chamber of Commerce website is a great place to get an understanding to interact with the Island’s business community. With a membership spanning the range from small local businesses to multinational companies, it’s a great source for Cayman-related business news from the different perspectives of it members. It also offers networking opportunities and options to get involved in the community through its active calendar of events and strategic initiatives.


The Beach – Best for Conscious Lifestyles


The team at The Beach aims to curate the best of the conscious life in the Cayman Islands. It offers beautiful Instagram worthy photography, insider information and insight into unique experiences. One can behold the selection of Cayman’s hidden, and not so hidden gems. A great resource for lovers of the good life.


Cayman Parent – Best for families


Packed with great articles for families with kids at any age, Cayman Parent’s wide-ranging scope of information includes general tips and advice about parenting but also specific information related to raising children in the Cayman Islands, from how much to expect to pay for a nanny in Cayman to where to find after-school activities for kids. It also offers a community for parents through its CP club membership.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for a reliable relocation planner to relocate to Cayman Islands!

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